Meet us

We are passionate about yoga, and have been practicing for more than a decade. We bring anatomical knowledge and compassion to every class, believing kindness and mindfulness are powerful tools for healing. While we have sought the guidance of many instructors, we firmly believe a person’s own practice is their greatest teacher.

During the late 90´s Dirk discovered his first passion for Yoga. After that he had an on and off affair with Yoga. Until that one day he practiced Ashtanga Yoga for the first time. After this intense and sweaty class he knew that he finally found his place. A business person at the executive level, Dirk is adept at balancing his yoga and career dedication.

Katrin started her love affair with Yoga back in 2004 preparing for foreign study in China. As a Business Chinese major she was intrigued with Eastern cultures and philosophies. She began practicing Yoga and Meditation which always helped her to stay focused and mindful in her everyday life. It took her 10 years to finally decide to turn her fascination into a profession.

We are grateful to our teachers with whom we were fortune to study over the last years like Helga Baumgartner, Tim Feldmann, Kino MacGregor, Sharath Jois, Matthew and Carla Vollmer.

Well, that’s a snapshot of us! We look forward to meeting you and continuing the work that we love.